My name is Valérie, a 23 year-old French student, freshly armed with a Masters in Communications.
I love travelling and have lived in quite a few different places. Currently on an exchange semester at San Francisco State University, I have come here, on the American West Coast, to live the Californian dream…

This blog is part of a project for my Introduction to Online Journalism class.
The subject ? …tadadaaaa…. Android!
Funny… because if you knew me, a few months back no one would have ever thought about me digging in these dark waters: new technologies!
But here I am. I recently (well can we say that 5 months ago is “recently”?) acquired a smartphone and I have just been enjoying it ever since. And I thought it would probably be interesting to get to talk about this topic “Android” with simple words, so that everyone can easily understand it, use it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this will help you,and after that, maybe you will find Android not only comprehensible, but also appealing… who knows.

Bonne lecture!
Valérie Barral




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