There is always a solution with Android

It is a fact, most human beings love to travel and Google’s new goal is to help anyone in a situation where they desperately need a map, as small as a mobile phone. And this is how a new app was born: google maps. Now, Android can be really useful in many other ways… but sometimes, from one country to another, a few obstacles have to be overcome. And this is where Android steps in.

Indeed, if there is something that has to be remembered regarding new technologies and Android, it is that there is always a solution. One only has to remain patient and look for the solution online, because, yes, there is absolutely everything out there, on the Internet.

I’ll let you discover how a problem can be solved within only a few minutes when one is patient enough as to look up for solutions online and is not afraid to dig into new technologies. You can’t break anything, so just try.


Find your way outdoors and indoors with Google Maps 6.0 for Android

If there is one app that is definitely useful to any smartphone –holder: this is the Google maps app.

Indeed, being new to any city, this app can quickly help you find your way through what can appear as a jungle (concrete).

Of course, I downloaded it, even though women are supposed to have a good sense of orientation…

What is commonly said too is that women cannot read maps. Well, partly true I have to confess. But this time, with Google maps (another ingenuous app in my opinion!), it is very easy to read since it guides you instantaneously. This app has been on the market for six years now and ended November 2011 by offering new improvements.

A new approach to maps: finding your way through the indoors!

The new feature now boasts that Google maps not only cares that you find your way outdoors but indoors too. Starting with airports, which can be full of mazes. Moreover, catching your flight can sometimes be stressful (particularly when you are a last-minute person who always reaches the gate just in the nick of time…) so finding your way more easily can help alleviate some of the tension.

The idea is that when you are standing inside a building, Google maps 6.0 brings the freestanding map directory (which probably takes you 10 minutes  before you can actually figure out how to go where you want) to the palm of your hand. Nice, huh?

Detailed floor plans are automatically being displayed when viewing the map. The “blue dot” icon shows your location and when you move up or down a level in a building, the app moves with you. The location will automatically be updated to display which floor you are on.

Easier switching possibility between features

This updated version offers to do many things:  view your location on the map, share it with whomever you want (by checking in), discover where to go with Places, get GPS turn-by turn direction with Navigations (this will drain your battery though), 3D view and there is even an “off mode” which enables you, when you do not have any network or simply lose it to display and use preloaded maps you very often use to get oriented. A sort of a life saver really!

Besides, you can also find the best places in any area you go to.

And finally, in order to make it easier to use and to hop from one feature to the next one, a drop down menu to the toolbar was added! It makes it even quicker.

I downloaded it directly from my laptop to my smartphone. Just one click and you are ready to use it. One thing is for sure, I am having a lot of fun with this app, so get it too!

In case you wanted to give it a try.. here is the QR code

Android can help you find whatever you need

Explaining how Android can be useful in a video? This was a challenging attempt for me. You will see how a smartphone working under Android can be useful in a city. Indeed, you might stumble on many obstacles, but Android will help you face them.

You need to go to your closest bank but have no idea where and how to get there. Use the Google maps app.

Bored and would like to listen to music while you are walking and admiring the beautiful architecture and buzz of your city? Pandora app has you covered.

You go past a nice place to eat or have a coffee but want to know beforehand if it’s worth it… yelp app.

You cross a QR code in the street… easy, scan it!

You need to get the bus times… next muni app.

Okay, that’s enough. What more do you need? I will let you enjoy a walk with android!