Having a smartphone on your wrist, that’s the new invention!

So far we have smart phones, smart houses, smart cars and even smart TVs, but what about smart watches? Well, Android has taken the lead and developed them in order to complete with the Mr and Mrs Smart Family.

Im works under Google Android OS and could become the next huge success on the stage, especially for Android users. Moreover if this new tool takes off, this will mean more apps on the market!

 The design is quite nice and interesting, because it is rather minimalist and futurist. But  the whole watch is not that small, so unless you have a particularly muscled wrist you might want to avoid wearing it. But it is simply a matter of taste and comfort. However what is really nice and fun is that it works as a touch screen, so you actually have to touch it in order to access to the various characteristics it displays.

 I’m has been developed to match the needs of constantly evolving and increasing globally connected scenario and is engaged in designing new appliances for the lifestyle of the future.

Now, devices need to be interconnected and that is precisely what this smartwatch does.

So what can we do with a SmartWatch?

First of all you can read the time – not bad for a watch! But not only, obviously! You can receive calls, texts and e-mails straight on your wrist. Surfing the web through your smartphone is easy too: checking the news, viewing your favorite photos, chatting on facebook or live tweeting… everything is doable with a SmartWatch. All the applications available on any regular smartphone can be downloaded onto this new accessory and you can even listen to music. So basically all the mobile’s functions are present in this Watch. It is a smartphone in the shape of a watch; SmartWatch. Clever, right?

 And in terms of features?

This new accessory is as tough as titanium, light as a feather, built to resist and made to follow you everywhere, and above all to enable you to have access to the whole world at the tip of your fingers – well… almost!

The only drawback is that this watch works thanks to Bluetooth technology, but this means that your smartphone should not be too far away from your watch.

These watches should be on the market at the beginning of 2012 and for the very small price of 300 to 1000 dollars.

A fun and functional new gadget!


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