Smartphones : Samsung gets to the top and leaves Apple to the second position

According to a recent analysis published by Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 27.8 millions smartphones for the third quarter. This result enables the Corean to represent 23.8% of the global smartphone sales, ahead of Apple who faces a slowdown with only 14.6%. Nokia scores the worst results with a 10 millions smartphones sales drop, in comparison to last year’s.

We already knew that Apple and Samsung were fighting over the slates market number one position, which frankly is largely dominated by the American developer. This competition keeps intensifying as well on the smartphones 4g global market.

Thus, for the third quarter of this year the results are in favor of Samsung. The Corean developer got a 23.8% market share.

Samsung: Pole position on the market

Within a year, Samsung benefited from a 44% growing sector (117 million terminals sold) to almost increase its sales fourfold, with 27.8 million  smartphones sold.

Such good results leave Apple behind with a 14.6% market share and 17.1 million iPhones  sold. Apple’s market share has dropped by 17.4% within only a year, even though more iPhones were sold between Q3 2010 and Q3 2011.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s results are mainly due to its Android terminals, as well as the great sales recorded for both Galaxy S (20 million units) and SII (10 million within 5 months).

 Apple’s iPhone 4S did not do that great

Although Samsung appears as a strong and serious competitor, Apple keeps a strong hold on the market. Within a year, Apple sold 21% more iPhones.

 However, the last quarter was slower that the previous one (20.3 million iPhones sold).

This bad performance can partly be explained with the iPhone 4S launch which postponed sales of the product. However, for the last quarter, Apple’s sales should increase thanks to its new smartphone firmware version which already started on a very good foot;  4 million iPhone 4S bought within 3 days even though this new product is only available in 7 countries!

Windows Phone: a very last chance for Nokia

 Within a year, Nokia’s market share dropped from 32.7% to 14.4%, mainly suffering from the increasing successes of both iOS and Android.

 Nokia’s last solution is now Windows Phone. A partnership with Microsoft led to the announcement of new smartphones working under Mango. The new line is called Lumia, which means “Light” but also symbolizes Nokia’s new dawn.


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