Read a book anywhere on your mobile phone

Ok, I have to admit it… I simply love new technologies! There’s always something new to try. You are probably wondering “What has she discovered now?”

Well, as I was going through my favorite android websites, I stumbled on a great application: google e-books. Not new I know, everyone is quite accustomed with the “Kindle”; but did you know you now have the possibility to read a book on your smartphone too? I didn’t, and I think this is great. I belong to those who hold firmly their positions when it comes to books. I love to have one in my bag, I love to feel the paper under my fingers, and above everything… I love the smell.

So when the  Kindle came out on the market, I did not really know what to think; is it killing the book industry and the book that I love so dearly? Perhaps so, but isn’t it also reviving the literature passion at the same time? I have to say, you American people give me a hard time. Everyone seems to have a Kindle in San Francisco. Not once, have I sat on the muni and observed an audience completely devoid of an e-reader. Of Course, the more you see something, the more you want to try it. I was no exception, but I resisted, mainly because this little technological pleasure has a price. But what did I just discover on the android market place? Everyone who has a smartphone can use it as a book! Simply incredible! No need to spend money on a new device to enjoy the latest technological breakthroughs, no need to weigh pros and cons anymore.

Anyone can now build one’s own ebooks library thanks to Google Books, and enjoy a selection from nearly 3million free ebooks. The app is free and handles the user’s book library, the interface for reading the books, and allows shopping for e-books through the web browser. Everything goes through Google, so when you log in to your Google session, it synchronizes it with your Smartphone. Google books maintains all devices synchronized within its cloud system, so opening a book on any device takes you to the last position read on any device (computer,slate, smartphone etc.). You can download the books online to your computer and the transfer will be automatically done on you smartphone. This is precisely what I did: I downloaded the e-book app on my laptop, via my google session and simultaneously, the app was being downloaded on my smartphone. Simply amazing. Everything is interconnected and this makes life so easier!

In terms of settings, you can tailor the reading experience to your own preferences. You can select your preferred text size, the Typeface you want to use and there is even a night viewing which displays white text on a black background. The brightness of the text can even be altered. You can also +1 a book while reading it and in-book search are possible. As for other apps, for the page turning, one has to swipe side to side, which is entertaining and also quite convenient. Bottom line: Google Books is a simple e-book reading app that concentrates on doing the basic functions well while skipping the frills and complications. A perfect app for those who aim at using it as an occasional replacement for printed books, or who for a few days are willing to lighten up their already heavy bags (and I am talking to girls who always carry tons of useless, but nevertheless essential, objects in their handbags)!

So, if you have a smartphone, this app will be a really nice for you. Although you must be careful, don’t overindulge in it. Do not forget to stop by your bookseller and ask him/her for advice. There’s nothing better than the feel of a book in your hand. Not even android can replace that. If you feel you really want to try this app’, here is a quick way to get it: through the QR code. Scan it!

Here is a video – android made- that tells you everything about it and that is very well-done.



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