Let’s have a Professional Point of View

As I was wondering about the new blog posts I will be publishing in the next few weeks, I started to realize that getting a “professional’s point of view” on the subject could be interesting. As luck would have it, I passed by T-Mobile as I was walking home. Since I already had a good experience with this phone carrier (which happens to be my carrier at this moment and provides me with a very good international phone plan), I pushed the door and entered a world full of technologicallyy savvy people. Guess what? Only guys;  at least on this day!

I was well received and Michael, one of the T-Mobile counselors, agreed to answer any of my questions.

You will find hereafter an extract of the interview I conducted with him talking about women and Smartphones.

His point of view is very interesting in the sense that, although he does not speak for the brand, he provides us with insight based on his experience, working for a phone carrier company.

There are a few differences between men and women’s expectations but the lesson from that is that women are not oblivious when it comes to smartphones; they also happen to know what they want!

Thanks again to Michael, whose contribution to this post was very helpful.


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