Let’s have a Professional Point of View

As I was wondering about the new blog posts I will be publishing in the next few weeks, I started to realize that getting a “professional’s point of view” on the subject could be interesting. As luck would have it, I passed by T-Mobile as I was walking home. Since I already had a good experience with this phone carrier (which happens to be my carrier at this moment and provides me with a very good international phone plan), I pushed the door and entered a world full of technologicallyy savvy people. Guess what? Only guys;  at least on this day!

I was well received and Michael, one of the T-Mobile counselors, agreed to answer any of my questions.

You will find hereafter an extract of the interview I conducted with him talking about women and Smartphones.

His point of view is very interesting in the sense that, although he does not speak for the brand, he provides us with insight based on his experience, working for a phone carrier company.

There are a few differences between men and women’s expectations but the lesson from that is that women are not oblivious when it comes to smartphones; they also happen to know what they want!

Thanks again to Michael, whose contribution to this post was very helpful.


A rather…funny app’

Well, what would you say about having a little bit of fun today?

 I say yes, and so I will tell you the latest news I read on 01net.com.

Put a jacket on, slip into your boots, grab a dictionary and follow me. We are flying to Paris!

 Paris Police Headquarters has developed a new application! Waouuuu. Everyone gets to new technologies huh? That’s a pretty good news. Wait until you know what it is for:

Finding your car back when it’s been picked up to go to car pound.

 That’s right, you understood me perfectly, no “language misunderstanding” here.

A bit of background: in France, whenever you are not properly parked, or on a forbidden spot either:

  1. you are not lucky and Car Pound will come right away and take you car
  2. you’re on your lucky day, you will just have to pay a fine
  3. … don’t expect to get away from it, you will have to pay anyway!

Well for those who have always studied hard for good grades and are used to getting A’s… try not to get one this time. If you do, you will have the pleasure to go through the whole process of “Oh noooooo (yes, we French, are polite people and avoid any kind of rude words), where is my car??”… And then walk a few meters to check if the car, by any chance, has not parked a few meters away on its own (as if your car was magic). And then realization sets in, your beloved vehicle is now most likely on its way to car pound.

So here is how you should react:

Step 1: remain calm

Step 2: I hope there’s no Metro strike today… or you will have to walk.

Step 3: ok… well I guess you should start walking.

Previously, what people had to do, was to somehow find the car pound’s phone number. Call them, check if the car was registered, and then go get it and pay a fine (ouch!)… And in between, in most cases, call a friend for advice and to complain to.

But now…the police has developed a new application, available on the Android Market, the AppStore, and Mon Windows phone. Based on your car registration’s plate, this app indicates where you car has been brought to and what you have to do to get it back. Simple, convenient and free (but you will still have to pay the fine…).

For those who do not own a car, this app can still be useful to find information about how to declare a lost object to the Police.

I have to confess I had quite a good laugh when I first heard about it. Surely, when you come to understanding that your car received a free ride to car pound, the last thing you want to do is to talk to the protagonist.

I found it a good idea.

What do you think?

Welcome aboard

My real name’s Valerie. Although my friends have always saddled me with all kinds of silly nicknames (some of them I do not even have the slightest idea where they come from and I have no other option but to put up with them), for the first time in my life, I get to decide what name I will go with…. And I say Andronana!

 This is no big news, we – women – have a different perspective than men. New technologies can sometimes be hard to grasp and are very often developed and by men.. so basically with a man’s perspective.

Now, I would just say that I was not born a natural geek –who understands really rapidly everything about new technologies. In fact, when you keep hearing people around you (and I am talking about male friends here, saying that new technologies are a men’s world, and women are not good at it, you kind of assimilate this idea, which I think I did.

And then, things happen.

I bought a smartphone. Waouu. Big time (for me anyway, who so far had only used phone booth –watch out for the metaphor here!). And I started to be interested in this new technology, Android.

Of Course, there were and still are times when I struggle with my phone to get where I want to. It takes time and patience to understand the system, especially when you start from scratch. A novice, for sure, this is what I am, but a highly interested and motivated one.

Most of blogs which cover android theme are men’s created. Although I have come to notice that more and more of these blogs do have a “women section”, I have not found so many blogs yet that could be entirely dedicated to women, and by that I mean, that women could feel like reading from top to bottom because it seems interesting to them.

I do not want to arouse feminists’ anger when I say that my intention here, with this blog, is to appeal to other women, who might be interested in new technologies if only these were explained and put up with simple words. Or rather, with women’s words. Because it is true, that even if some highly skilled new tech’ women are behind computers, for the rest of us – women- we do not always understand it because society, very unconsciously has taught us not too.

Here is a very interesting and funny video of a woman discussing Why do women matter in Android ?

This summarizes very well my thoughts concerning Android and women.

So in this blog, you will find some (it can never be exhaustive) applications and latest news that can catch women’s attention.

For example, this Menstruation Calendar App, which basically helps women keep track of their cycle, temperature, weight and other useful information.

You will also get some top, fresh news from what’s going on here, in the USA, but also oversee, well more precisely what’s going on in France.

Again, an example : The French Touch in QR codes..  You might wonder what this is about?  Well, QR codes (Quick Response codes) is a type of 2D bar code that may be decoded using your smartphone with a QR code reader.. so far we knew this app existed. But now, the newness lies here: these QR codes can be colored and so turned into funkier app’.

Or else, that In Europe, Android is getting ahead of iOS in terms of Smartphones, enabling it to get closer to Number 1 Position. Good news!

So do you think you might be interested in this blog? Then I guess I’ll see you around.