There is always a solution with Android

It is a fact, most human beings love to travel and Google’s new goal is to help anyone in a situation where they desperately need a map, as small as a mobile phone. And this is how a new app was born: google maps. Now, Android can be really useful in many other ways… but sometimes, from one country to another, a few obstacles have to be overcome. And this is where Android steps in.

Indeed, if there is something that has to be remembered regarding new technologies and Android, it is that there is always a solution. One only has to remain patient and look for the solution online, because, yes, there is absolutely everything out there, on the Internet.

I’ll let you discover how a problem can be solved within only a few minutes when one is patient enough as to look up for solutions online and is not afraid to dig into new technologies. You can’t break anything, so just try.


Find your way outdoors and indoors with Google Maps 6.0 for Android

If there is one app that is definitely useful to any smartphone –holder: this is the Google maps app.

Indeed, being new to any city, this app can quickly help you find your way through what can appear as a jungle (concrete).

Of course, I downloaded it, even though women are supposed to have a good sense of orientation…

What is commonly said too is that women cannot read maps. Well, partly true I have to confess. But this time, with Google maps (another ingenuous app in my opinion!), it is very easy to read since it guides you instantaneously. This app has been on the market for six years now and ended November 2011 by offering new improvements.

A new approach to maps: finding your way through the indoors!

The new feature now boasts that Google maps not only cares that you find your way outdoors but indoors too. Starting with airports, which can be full of mazes. Moreover, catching your flight can sometimes be stressful (particularly when you are a last-minute person who always reaches the gate just in the nick of time…) so finding your way more easily can help alleviate some of the tension.

The idea is that when you are standing inside a building, Google maps 6.0 brings the freestanding map directory (which probably takes you 10 minutes  before you can actually figure out how to go where you want) to the palm of your hand. Nice, huh?

Detailed floor plans are automatically being displayed when viewing the map. The “blue dot” icon shows your location and when you move up or down a level in a building, the app moves with you. The location will automatically be updated to display which floor you are on.

Easier switching possibility between features

This updated version offers to do many things:  view your location on the map, share it with whomever you want (by checking in), discover where to go with Places, get GPS turn-by turn direction with Navigations (this will drain your battery though), 3D view and there is even an “off mode” which enables you, when you do not have any network or simply lose it to display and use preloaded maps you very often use to get oriented. A sort of a life saver really!

Besides, you can also find the best places in any area you go to.

And finally, in order to make it easier to use and to hop from one feature to the next one, a drop down menu to the toolbar was added! It makes it even quicker.

I downloaded it directly from my laptop to my smartphone. Just one click and you are ready to use it. One thing is for sure, I am having a lot of fun with this app, so get it too!

In case you wanted to give it a try.. here is the QR code

Android can help you find whatever you need

Explaining how Android can be useful in a video? This was a challenging attempt for me. You will see how a smartphone working under Android can be useful in a city. Indeed, you might stumble on many obstacles, but Android will help you face them.

You need to go to your closest bank but have no idea where and how to get there. Use the Google maps app.

Bored and would like to listen to music while you are walking and admiring the beautiful architecture and buzz of your city? Pandora app has you covered.

You go past a nice place to eat or have a coffee but want to know beforehand if it’s worth it… yelp app.

You cross a QR code in the street… easy, scan it!

You need to get the bus times… next muni app.

Okay, that’s enough. What more do you need? I will let you enjoy a walk with android!

Having a smartphone on your wrist, that’s the new invention!

So far we have smart phones, smart houses, smart cars and even smart TVs, but what about smart watches? Well, Android has taken the lead and developed them in order to complete with the Mr and Mrs Smart Family.

Im works under Google Android OS and could become the next huge success on the stage, especially for Android users. Moreover if this new tool takes off, this will mean more apps on the market!

 The design is quite nice and interesting, because it is rather minimalist and futurist. But  the whole watch is not that small, so unless you have a particularly muscled wrist you might want to avoid wearing it. But it is simply a matter of taste and comfort. However what is really nice and fun is that it works as a touch screen, so you actually have to touch it in order to access to the various characteristics it displays.

 I’m has been developed to match the needs of constantly evolving and increasing globally connected scenario and is engaged in designing new appliances for the lifestyle of the future.

Now, devices need to be interconnected and that is precisely what this smartwatch does.

So what can we do with a SmartWatch?

First of all you can read the time – not bad for a watch! But not only, obviously! You can receive calls, texts and e-mails straight on your wrist. Surfing the web through your smartphone is easy too: checking the news, viewing your favorite photos, chatting on facebook or live tweeting… everything is doable with a SmartWatch. All the applications available on any regular smartphone can be downloaded onto this new accessory and you can even listen to music. So basically all the mobile’s functions are present in this Watch. It is a smartphone in the shape of a watch; SmartWatch. Clever, right?

 And in terms of features?

This new accessory is as tough as titanium, light as a feather, built to resist and made to follow you everywhere, and above all to enable you to have access to the whole world at the tip of your fingers – well… almost!

The only drawback is that this watch works thanks to Bluetooth technology, but this means that your smartphone should not be too far away from your watch.

These watches should be on the market at the beginning of 2012 and for the very small price of 300 to 1000 dollars.

A fun and functional new gadget!

Smartphones : Samsung gets to the top and leaves Apple to the second position

According to a recent analysis published by Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold 27.8 millions smartphones for the third quarter. This result enables the Corean to represent 23.8% of the global smartphone sales, ahead of Apple who faces a slowdown with only 14.6%. Nokia scores the worst results with a 10 millions smartphones sales drop, in comparison to last year’s.

We already knew that Apple and Samsung were fighting over the slates market number one position, which frankly is largely dominated by the American developer. This competition keeps intensifying as well on the smartphones 4g global market.

Thus, for the third quarter of this year the results are in favor of Samsung. The Corean developer got a 23.8% market share.

Samsung: Pole position on the market

Within a year, Samsung benefited from a 44% growing sector (117 million terminals sold) to almost increase its sales fourfold, with 27.8 million  smartphones sold.

Such good results leave Apple behind with a 14.6% market share and 17.1 million iPhones  sold. Apple’s market share has dropped by 17.4% within only a year, even though more iPhones were sold between Q3 2010 and Q3 2011.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s results are mainly due to its Android terminals, as well as the great sales recorded for both Galaxy S (20 million units) and SII (10 million within 5 months).

 Apple’s iPhone 4S did not do that great

Although Samsung appears as a strong and serious competitor, Apple keeps a strong hold on the market. Within a year, Apple sold 21% more iPhones.

 However, the last quarter was slower that the previous one (20.3 million iPhones sold).

This bad performance can partly be explained with the iPhone 4S launch which postponed sales of the product. However, for the last quarter, Apple’s sales should increase thanks to its new smartphone firmware version which already started on a very good foot;  4 million iPhone 4S bought within 3 days even though this new product is only available in 7 countries!

Windows Phone: a very last chance for Nokia

 Within a year, Nokia’s market share dropped from 32.7% to 14.4%, mainly suffering from the increasing successes of both iOS and Android.

 Nokia’s last solution is now Windows Phone. A partnership with Microsoft led to the announcement of new smartphones working under Mango. The new line is called Lumia, which means “Light” but also symbolizes Nokia’s new dawn.

Read a book anywhere on your mobile phone

Ok, I have to admit it… I simply love new technologies! There’s always something new to try. You are probably wondering “What has she discovered now?”

Well, as I was going through my favorite android websites, I stumbled on a great application: google e-books. Not new I know, everyone is quite accustomed with the “Kindle”; but did you know you now have the possibility to read a book on your smartphone too? I didn’t, and I think this is great. I belong to those who hold firmly their positions when it comes to books. I love to have one in my bag, I love to feel the paper under my fingers, and above everything… I love the smell.

So when the  Kindle came out on the market, I did not really know what to think; is it killing the book industry and the book that I love so dearly? Perhaps so, but isn’t it also reviving the literature passion at the same time? I have to say, you American people give me a hard time. Everyone seems to have a Kindle in San Francisco. Not once, have I sat on the muni and observed an audience completely devoid of an e-reader. Of Course, the more you see something, the more you want to try it. I was no exception, but I resisted, mainly because this little technological pleasure has a price. But what did I just discover on the android market place? Everyone who has a smartphone can use it as a book! Simply incredible! No need to spend money on a new device to enjoy the latest technological breakthroughs, no need to weigh pros and cons anymore.

Anyone can now build one’s own ebooks library thanks to Google Books, and enjoy a selection from nearly 3million free ebooks. The app is free and handles the user’s book library, the interface for reading the books, and allows shopping for e-books through the web browser. Everything goes through Google, so when you log in to your Google session, it synchronizes it with your Smartphone. Google books maintains all devices synchronized within its cloud system, so opening a book on any device takes you to the last position read on any device (computer,slate, smartphone etc.). You can download the books online to your computer and the transfer will be automatically done on you smartphone. This is precisely what I did: I downloaded the e-book app on my laptop, via my google session and simultaneously, the app was being downloaded on my smartphone. Simply amazing. Everything is interconnected and this makes life so easier!

In terms of settings, you can tailor the reading experience to your own preferences. You can select your preferred text size, the Typeface you want to use and there is even a night viewing which displays white text on a black background. The brightness of the text can even be altered. You can also +1 a book while reading it and in-book search are possible. As for other apps, for the page turning, one has to swipe side to side, which is entertaining and also quite convenient. Bottom line: Google Books is a simple e-book reading app that concentrates on doing the basic functions well while skipping the frills and complications. A perfect app for those who aim at using it as an occasional replacement for printed books, or who for a few days are willing to lighten up their already heavy bags (and I am talking to girls who always carry tons of useless, but nevertheless essential, objects in their handbags)!

So, if you have a smartphone, this app will be a really nice for you. Although you must be careful, don’t overindulge in it. Do not forget to stop by your bookseller and ask him/her for advice. There’s nothing better than the feel of a book in your hand. Not even android can replace that. If you feel you really want to try this app’, here is a quick way to get it: through the QR code. Scan it!

Here is a video – android made- that tells you everything about it and that is very well-done.


Google reveals its new jewel: Ice Cream Sandwich

You may have heard about Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich… as for me when I first saw the articles on the Internet I was attracted by the yummy picture, which reminded me of the chocolate marshmallow bear I used to eat when I was younger. So of course I clicked on the link and read the article.

Don’t be mislead… I will be talking about technologies here, not food. This was just an easy way to trick you into reading further.

What is Ice Cream Sandwich?

It is simply the next Android phone version : Android 4.0. With this new OS, Google intends to unify its mobile OSes in order to have only “one OS that runs everywhere” (Mike Claren).

In Honk Kong, October 19th, Google and Samsung released the latest news about this new mobile platform. Android fans were lucky enough to see how this will look like: a still famously customizable desktop that however does not move the same way. According to many sources, the platform has been given a ton of thought concerning design and it really shows.

 Basically, all the nice devices on Android 3.0 Honeycomb‘s interface (Honeycomb being the version used for tablets) will be brought to this newversion and merged Android’s phone OS. There’s a good reason why this new version is called “Sandwich”: it brings things together to make something new and better.

Android phone users will get the updated application launcher, holographic user interface, new homescreen widgets as well as the multi-tasking tool, including a system manager that handles open resources for you so that you will not be out of memory or be prompted to quit an application on the tablet.

Described by Google as its “most ambitious release to date”, this new tool has been devised in response to accusations that Android is becoming too fragmented and an alliance of networks and manufacturers who have vowed to provide more timely updates has been announced (which only goes for the US so far).

A lot of upgrades come with Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has signed up “founding parties” (composed of all the hardware manufacturers that create products using Android).

At Google, people explain that “New devices from partners will receive the latest Android updates for 18 months after first launch, if the hardware allows it. We think this is really great news for users, we think it’s excellent for developers and really great for the entire industry”. In other words that is a very good news for Google.

More great news: Ice Cream Sandwich gives you more control over your system. How? Simple, users can now uninstall any application they want, even if they are native to Android. Oh and apparently you will be able to unlock your phone with your face, thanks to facial recognition use.

Another pretty impressive feature : even blind people could actually use it thanks to a new “Explore-by-touch” mode, that enables users to navigate without necessarily seeing the screen.

 Last but not least this new version should be released with the GalaxyNexus, supposedly available to the sell next month!